Friday, May 4, 2012

Director of the Centro Ann Sullivan del Peru (CASP) visits WiderNet

Directora del Centro Ann Sullivan del PerĂº (CASP) visita WiderNet

Dr. Liliana Mayo, founder of the Centro Ann Sullivan del Peru (CASP), a facility that provides services to individuals with disabilities and their families, made a surprise visit to WiderNet on April 3. Her organization was one of the first in the world to receive a prototype eGranary with the Global Disabilities Rights Library last year. Mayo was visiting The University of Iowa to host a seminar titled “Empowering Marginalized Women and Girls in Rural Areas of Peru Through Innovative Education” and stopped by to meet with WiderNet's Director Cliff Missen for a discussion about the GDRL project and future plans for the eGranary Digital Library.

Opening points centered on how the eGranary has impacted members of the center. “Parents are very eager to learn,” Mayo said. “This type of technology is great for demonstration.” Patients at the centre in Lima and their families seemed to learn best through video; the media capability of the eGranary has been the most effective use of the eGranary for CASP so far. Cliff also shared some capabilities with the eGranary Community Information Platform, demonstrating how patients and staff members can upload their own media to the eGranary.

Other topics of discussion included the creation of more Spanish language content for the GDRL. Tomeka Petersen, WiderNet Partnerships Coordinator also attended the short meeting and shared enthusiasm for more Spanish content in the eGranary."WiderNet would love to have an opportunity to create a partnership with CASP to develop a portal that would include all resources in Spanish" Petersen said. Dr. Mayo was pleased to learn more about upcoming WiderNet projects “There are many more opportunities for the use of this type of technology, our center helps many people in villages without internet,” Mayo said. She commented that the eGranary would be a useful learning tool for people in rural areas in Peru and other Latin American countries.

WiderNet thanks Dr. Mayo for her short visit and looks forward to working with her organization in the future and continuing to expand operations in Latin America.